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Aspects of Philosophy of Chemistry
Aspects of Philosophy of Chemistry

Historical-chemical publications no. 17 published byThe Danish Society for the History of Chemistry

This book is based on a minisymposium on philosophy of chemistry held intwo parts at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences. OnMarch 23-24, 2007 professor Eric Scerri presented lectures on the history andphilosophy of the periodic table. Professor Knud J. Jensen gave a lecture onphilosophical aspects of the notion of interpretation in chemistry. On April 17-18, professor Joachim Schummer presented lectures on the notion of nature inchemistry and on ethical aspects of nanotechnology. Professor Helge Kraghgave a lecture on the rise and significance of cosmochemistry.This was the first minisymposium in Denmark and the first book here onthis emerging, important topic. The aim has been to present contemporaryphilosophy of chemistry to a wider audience of chemists and others with aninterest in the sciences.The minisymposium was organized for The Danish Society of the Historyof Chemistry by professor Knud J. Jensen, who is also the current chairman ofthe Section of Organic Chemistry of the Danish

Chemical Society. Thepresent book has been edited jointly with Anita Kildebæk Nielsen. We aredeeply grateful to Drs. Helge Kragh, Eric Scerri, and Joachim Schummer fortheir inspiring lectures and discussions during this event, as well as for theircontributions to this publication. We also thank Elsevier for permission toreprint Dr. Schummer’s article in this volume.The minisymposium and this publication is kindly sponsored by the OttoMønsted Foundation, Novo Nordisk A/S, ’Fond for Teknisk Kemi’ of theTechnical University of Denmark, and the Danish Chemical Society.

Historisk-Kemiske skrifter Nr. 17. Udgivet af Dansk Selskab for Historisk Kemi.

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