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Building Calculations
Building Calculations

Building calculations is a textbook based on the new European codes of practice, the Eurocodes, and the associated Danish national annexes.


It gives an overview of the reliability methods in DS/EN 1990 and the actions on buildings in accordance with DS/EN1991. The determination of wind loading in accordance with DS/EN 1991­4 is given special attention. The book develops the requirements with respect to vibrations in floor structures and sets requirements for users’ comfort in relation to this.


The basic theory for both statically determinate and statically indeterminate wall/diaphragm structures is considered together with various methods for the distribution of horizontal loads to the stabilizing walls. This theory is valid for traditional wall structures, including masonry, in situ concrete and precast concrete buildings (including lightweight precast concrete). The load paths for vertical and horizontal forces on buildings are considered. The basic requirements for robustness are explored, with special focus on explaining the load transfer in precast concrete wall/diaphragm buildings.


The book finishes with a review of the Danish building regulations requirements for the preparation of statical documentation and the composition of the statical documentation in accordance with the guidelines set out in SBI­anvisning 223. An example of the latter is given in an annex.


The book also contains many worked examples.


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