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Personal safety when working with epoxy resins and isocyanates
Personal safety when working with epoxy resins and isocyanates

The book is a comprehensive educational material for usage in Industriens Arbejdsmarkedsuddannelseskursus AA 43996.

This is a translation of the Danish 15th edition of “Personal safety when working with epoxy resins and isocyanates”.

The 15th edition has been revised in order to make the reading more comfortable. Laws, regulations and references have been highlighted and distinct from the explanatory sections, making the latter stand out more clearly. This edition has been revised an dupdated according the implementation of the new EU regulation. Furthermore, individual chapters have been expanded with more images and supplementary information.

The book has been compiled for educational purpose, but is equally thought as a reference book which can be useful when questions arise about the safety when working with isocyanates and epoxy resins.
This means that content and quantity of the material used in the lectures will vary. 

Translation: Anette Vinther Larsen and Marie Pedersen.


...Tilgå den danske udgave her: Personlig sikkerhed ved arbejde med isocyanater og epoxy 

Historical background
Health Hazards
Legislation on Working Environment
Legislation on working with Epoxy

Product knowledge
Products containing Isocyanates
Choice of product
Health Hazards
Epoxy Products
Products containing Isocyanates
Substances and Mixtures
Classification, Labelling and Packaging
Hazard and Precautionary Statements
Risk and safety Statements
Instruction Manuals
Limit Values for Substances and Materials
Personal Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Eye Protection
Respiratory Protection (Respirators)
Working Clothes
Personal Hygiene
First Aid Treatment of Personal Injuries
Carrying Out the Work
General Requirements
Spray Work
Industrial Injuries
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